2 PhD-positions available in the field of RNAi and Genome Biology                                                                                    

Our team studies the role of RNA interference in genome surveillance and genome biology using the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster. We demonstrated that DNA double-strand breaks provoke a local siRNA response if they occur in a transcribed region (Michalik et al., 2012). This suggests a connection between transcript surveillance and genome biology. While the siRNAs do not appear to affect the choice of DNA repair pathways (homologous recombination vs. end joining, Schmidts et al. 2016), the response is mechanistically related to the repression of transposons by endogenous siRNAs. It is intriguing that impaired splicing appears to stimulate this siRNA response (Merk et al. 2017). We now want to find out the mechanistic basis of this connection.

Two PhD positions are available starting December 2017 or later. We will combine our expertise in genome editing (Kunzelmann et al., 2016) with proteomic technology to determine damage-induced interactors of stalled spliceosomes. Furthermore, we will develop high-resolution approaches to study the inducible and localized convergent transcription that is required to produce double-stranded RNA, the precursor of siRNAs.

Interested candidates can contact Prof. Dr. Klaus Förstemann:

 The University of Munich is an equal opportunity employer. Handicapped candidates with equal qualifications will be given preference.

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